the confidence to move you forward

Thiele Geotech provides reliable, customized subsoil analyses based on sound exploration drilling. If you are a project manager needing site preparation, footings for your building, soil testing, foundation design and environmental due diligence, the geo-intelligent scientists and engineers at Thiele Geotech will exceed your expectations.

That’s why 97% of all customers return.

Start Smart

When starting your project, it’s important to establish momentum. The key is adjusting fluidly if unexpected challenges come up. Trust Thiele Geotech to move forward without a hitch.

Finish Strong

The final inspection requires conformance to permits, building codes and zoning regulations. With an expert in project standards on site, you’ll prevent expensive, frustrating delays.


New projects require inquiry and dialogue. What has happened at this site in the past? Why? Deep experience makes it possible to rapidly generate a scope-of-work proposal.


This is meat-and-potatoes. Laying out a drilling plan, going beneath the surface, performing test borings up to 150 feet down. Even the drill crew helpers are degreed geologists.


Lab testing analyzes soil composition. Key properties – shear strength, size of particles, compaction and expansion, water content, etc. – are compared to the project’s engineering requirements.


What if the soil analysis doesn’t match up with the project’s engineering requirements? Creative problem solving (“geo-intelligence”) makes the difference.


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