Every client comes to Thiele Geotech anxious about their budget or pressing timelines. Every client leaves with a sense of momentum and “geo-confidence.” That’s why 97% of all Thiele Geotech clients return.

Thoughts for Employee Applicants and Aspiring Engineers

Thiele Geotech is sensitive to the emerging trends in geo-engineering; they embrace new ideas that lead to streamlined, cost efficient customer solutions. This means your career here has great potential.

The Thiele Geotech worldview:

thiele_interiorimages_8Engineers should be trained to be logical, yet holistic, thinkers capable of evolving into general managers or entering other industries. They should strive to become versatile professionals.

The complicated nature of soil and new construction techniques means that geo-engineering specialists will play an increasingly important role in development and construction.

As an employee at Thiele Geotech, your geotechnical expertise will become increasingly valuable as more underground exploration is financed. You will make a difference.

Technological innovations such as advanced site investigation tools, computer simulations and the use of “in-situ” equipment are improving analysis while cutting costs for customers.

There are many new challenges for top tier engineers in the Upper Midwest such as underground water purification, wind energy and flood risk modeling and flood control. If you are a Thiele Geotech engineer, you will have many tangible and intangible resources with which to address these exciting professional challenges.

As a result of your experience with Thiele Geotech, you will gain judgment, perspective and “geo-intelligence.” For instance, you’ll learn to identify the gap between the design of a project and its actual implementation as part of a multi-phased construction project.


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