Every client comes to Thiele Geotech anxious about their budget or pressing timelines. Every client leaves with a sense of momentum and “geo-confidence.” That’s why 97% of all Thiele Geotech clients return.

Core Beliefs

Thiele Geotech is an intelligent, nimble and innovative engineering firm to which customers return because its employee culture creates value at every step.

They believe in a high-trust, low-fear culture in which information is widely shared, diverse opinions are freely expressed and thoughtful risk taking is encouraged.

Thiele Geotech employees win the hearts of their customers by cultivating ‘towering competence’ and setting up systems that stimulate productive learning.

They build their culture around core principles involving people, strategy and operations.

coreValuesThose principles are:

  • Don’t settle.
  • Follow through.
  • Work with urgency.

Over the last 20 years, Thiele Geotech has evolved from a culture of compliance to a culture of confidence. “Geo-intelligence” and “geo-magination” play a role in building that confidence.

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