Teachable Moments

Every type of engineering project is different. This page enables project managers to learn how Thiele Geotech handled projects in the past that may resemble your current project. The middle column identifies the learning (the “teachable moment”) that had to take place in order for Thiele Geotech to master the challenges associated with the project.

After you find the industry sector(s) and teachable moment(s) relevant to your project, push the “inquire for details” button to deepen your understanding of the engineering challenge. A Thiele Geotech professional will respond promptly with more background.

Ask Thiele Geotech to share a “teachable moment” that fits your situation.

Multi-story office, retail and industrial: Bearing Capacity
Medical and healthcare facilities: Deep foundations
Hospitality and hotels: Soil compaction
Educational facilities: Structural inspections
Telecommunications and utilities: Resistivity testing
Department of Defense facilities: USACE specifications
Ag storage and processing structures: Settlement Analysis
Sewer and drainage infrastructure: Soil strata
Bridges, highways, airports: Pavement subgrades
Fuel storage/processing: Contaminant migration
Recreation/entertainment facilities: Site preparation
Land development/urban redevelopment: Land development/urban redevelopment
Earth dams and levees: Seepage, slope stability analysis
Or maybe something else?

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