• Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) Projects
  • Emergency Response Projects
  • Environmental Contract Drilling Services
  • Monitoring Well Installation/Abandonment
  • Groundwater Contamination Assessment
  • Soil Contamination Assessment
  • Instrument Installation
  • Grouting and Remedial Fluid Injection
  • Rock Coring



If there are undetected contaminants beneath the surface of your building site, you may be facing a financially volatile situation as well as potential liability for future cleanup costs.

Environmental contamination such as volatile (and semi-volatile) organic compounds, petroleum products, heavy metals and industrial discharge can make the subsoil beneath your building toxic to future occupants of the structure.

Identification of these environmental contaminants can bog down the progress of your construction project and lead to additional costs caused by long delays.

When any of them are detected, only one word need be said: “Stop!

At that point, you may need a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) from a reputable geo-tech engineering firm who has experience conducting environmental “due diligence.” That includes examining historical site records and various State and Federal databases. It may also include a site visit and interviews with past occupants/owners.

You can trust TG to spearhead the entire environmental assessment and remediation process sensitivity and efficiently. It takes less time and fewer engineering professionals than you might expect to complete the job.

Environmental assessment and remediation is an integral part of the Thiele Geotech service platform. By keeping the process in- house, costly delays associated with trying to coordinate with other sub-consultants are minimized. As a result, overall project costs remain in line with original budget planning.


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