150th Street and West Dodge Road Bridge – East-Bound Off Ramp

Quick Facts

  • Located in West Omaha, NE
  • Construction of 2 Bridges
  • Construction of East Bound Exit Ramp
  • First project in North America to use ParaWeb with precast modular retaining wall units


  • Earth Retention Design

This project is located on US-6 (West Dodge Road) and 150th Street interchange. Improvements consisted of closing 150th Street at West Dodge Road for the removal and replacement of the 150th Street bridge over West Dodge Road, expansion of eastbound West Dodge Road with an auxiliary lane from 156th Street, a new eastbound exit ramp to the development site, and construction of a new bridge on the entrance ramp to eastbound West Dodge Road over the new exit ramp to the development. The new bridge over West Dodge Road allow for future expansion of westbound West Dodge Road. The new off ramp will be an outlet for those who will call Heartwood Preserve home.

Thiele Geotech, Inc. observed the construction and provided installation advice for the retaining wall and abutment required for the east bound off ramp. Due to the proximity to the adjacent property line to the south, typical reinforcement could not be used on the west end of the retaining wall. Stone Strong precast modular retaining wall units were used to construct the wall. ParaWeb reinforcing was utilized to construct the east end of the wall that supports the bridge.


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