Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church, Commons, and Methodist Community Health Clinic

Quick Facts

  • Located in Omaha, NE
  • 3-story, 10,000 sf addition
  • Expanded parking lot
  • Multiple public health services


  • Environmental Consulting
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Materials Testing and Special Inspections
  • Instrumentation
  • Geophysical Engineering

This facility consists of a new building at the location of the former KETV building at 26th and Douglas Street in Omaha, Nebraska. The structure has a west commons center with roughly 6,500 square feet, an upper commons with approximately 2,730 square feet, and a Methodist Clinic with approximately 4,500 square feet. A link walkway structure connects the new building to the church and adds an additional 1,140 square feet. Prior to construction, Thiele Geotech, Inc. conducted a geotechnical investigation and environmental screening. Recommendations were provided for site utilities, shallow and intermediate foundations, earthwork, settlement, earth retention structures, pavements, and floor slabs. Additionally, recommendations were provided for use of lightweight fill adjacent to walls of the existing church building and radio tower that still occupies part of the site. During the construction phase, Thiele Geotech, Inc. observed site stripping, proof rolling, reinforced concrete, structural steel placement, structural masonry, and monitored settlement. Materials testing was performed on soils, concrete, and grout throughout the project.


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