• Clarity about the project's vision, timeline and budget.
  • Customize the process around the specific obstacles that present themselves.
  • Communicate frequently; explain the right choices and options.
  • Commit to doing what has been promised.

Give Birth to Your Baby with

Experienced project managers know that: many problems can emerge if you don’t hire the right specialty engineers.

  1. Unexpected subsoil challenges slow down projects;
  2. Engineering recommendations are too broad (the “one size fits all” syndrome);
  3. Change orders force budgets to careen out of control;
  4. Field personnel are not savvy enough to adjust to change in a timely fashion.

Thiele Geotech minimizes these problems by cultivating the most important quality for cost efficient soil matrix analysis: “geo-intelligence.”

Geo-intelligence is a unique professional quality that is built upon the “solid rocks” of experience, credentials and sophisticated lab testing technology. But geo-intelligence includes one more factor that all real estate developers and project owners relish, but many engineering firms overlook:


thiele_interiorimages_einsteinEngineers are usually analytical, not visionary. But all great scientists (think Einstein) come to depend upon imagination and its first cousin, insight, to anticipate what could be.

If you have a sense of what could be, you can make better building and construction decisions.

Imagination and insight are the backbone of geo-intelligence, enabling Thiele Geotech to respond to new data without disrupting your dream.

It’s how they help you “give birth to your baby.”


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